Wednesday 16 July 2014

GOSH Lip Lacquers

Hello girls!

So, what would you say if I told you manicure for the lips actually exist? Crazy, right?  ☺

This is a post you might have seen before. That's because, for some mysterious reason, my GOSH Lip Lacquers and GOSH Forever Eye Shadow reviews have disappeared. I have no idea how. Now I have to write the review again, so let's get to it.

I remember when I first saw these bottles I was so excited I got new nail polish. I was reading words like "Kiss me!", "hot kiss", "sexy kiss" etc., but I didn't think for a second that's lipgloss (or should I say lip lacquer?) and not nail polish lol. When I realised, part of me was disappointed (what? you never have enough bottles of nal polishes!) but the other part was pleasantly surprised. I've never seen something like this before. It's nice to see something new in the beauty world. Well done GOSH!

They were made to "replicate the flashy finish of a glossy, flawless manicure on your lips". The packaging is unique and cute.The small bottles are made of glass and you can easily carry these around in your make up bag. They come with an easy to use doe foot applicator.

The Lip Lacquers combine Argan Oil and Vitamin E for a moisturizing finish that keeps lips feeling hydrated all day. Paraben-free, they also have a lovely watermelon scentIn terms of coverage, there is a wide variety from super opaque to more transparent.

You get 4 ml of product for £5.99. You can purchase these at your local drugstore or here.

I have three shades: 004 Flirty Lips, 001 Innocent Lips and 007 Hot Lips.

001 Innocent Lips: 
A sheer nude lip gloss, just to give your lips a bit of shine. I do love the shade in the bottle, but it doesn't show up much on my lips.

004 Flirty Lips: 
A lovely coral shade. It gives a light pop of colour. It doesn't show much on my lips, but it's a bit more noticeable than Innocent lips.

007 Hot Lips: 
I'm loving this one! It is sheer but it's buildable. If you're not used to wearing red, this has a lovely red color which isn't too obvious.

xoxo, Cristina

*the products were send to me for review purposes, but this is my honest opinion

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