Friday 18 July 2014

Golden Rose Luxury Rich Color Lipgloss

Hello ladies!

Today's post is about the amazing Luxury Rich Color Lipgloss from Golden Rose. Why is it amazing? Well, I've never seen a lipgloss that looks so good. It might be because I'm not a huge fan of lipglosses and I don't own too many... The idea is that it pleasantly surprised me. I own the 07 shade, a gorgeous fuchsia.☺

The packaging looks very nice. It definitely looks luxurious to me. The golden lid is quite eye catching. It comes with an easy to use doe foot applicator and smells so good (it smells like the chewing gum I used to love when I was a kid).

On the package they say:

  • Great Coverage
  • Moisturizing & Long wear
  • Extreme Brilliance
  • Non-sticky
I do agree with the first two facts. The coverage is brilliant, in my opinion! My lips are quite pigmented, so I absolutely love when a product manages to evenly cover them. I'm not sure what "Extreme Brilliance" is supossed to mean. Non-sticky? I feel like all lipglosses are sticky. That's the reason I avoid them. However, I do know people who say it's not sticky, so I guess it depends on your preferences. 

In Romania it's 25 lei (USD $7.75) and can be bought here.

xoxo, Cristina

*the product was send to me for review purposes, but this is my honest opinion

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