Thursday 9 January 2014

NOTD: Frosted Nail Lacquer from GOSH Cosmetics + Review

   Hello ladies!
   Well, I was supposed to post this swatch/ review yesterday, but my Photoshop kinda broke and I couldn't edit my photos (crop, resize, add watermark...). Anyway, Frosted Purple is an amazing nail polish, which I'm truly in love with, and I invite you to read a few words about it and to see the pictures :).
   *This nail polish was send to me by Gosh Cosmetics, along with the Waterproof Volume Mascara and the Smokey Eye Liner.

   Number/ Name: 03 Frosted Purple
   Price: £3.99
   Where to buy: here

   It was love at first sight! This is a textured nail polish and I really like how they chose to call it frosted. This was the first time I have ever tried a textured nail polish. I know... lame... In my defence, I must say I finally bought myself one (a Golden Rose Holiday 55, which I can't wait to try) back in December, but then I decided to take part in Elsa's Getting Ready For Christmas challenge and I had no time for my new little baby. 
   Anyway, back to the review, the colour is a very pretty shade of purple with a bit of glitter. By the way, did you know purple orchid is the colour of 2014? I think this nail polish is close to that too.
   When it comes to coverage, I find it great. I've applied two layers of it and I believe it looks great. I also think it resists on your nails pretty well. I've had it on my nails for 4 days and it didn't crack or anything like that. I don't know if that's something characteristic to textured nail polishes. I've also noticed it dries faster than other (normal) nail polishes I own.
   That's all I had to say. I'm not sure if I said everything, but in case you want to know anything else, just ask. :)







xoxo, Cristina


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