Sunday 20 July 2014

Golden Rose Rich Color 22

Hello ladies!

I was so excited to try Rich Color 22 because I have googled it before I got it and it looked so pretty. When I went to to pick this up I wasn't sure it was the right shade. On the site, it definitely doesn't look like it does in reality and that's a pity beacause it's actually gorgeous! The shade is an amazing metallic red that I can't stop staring at. I love red in general, but this is by far my favourite red nail polish ever! ♥

Just like the other nail lacquers from the Rich Color collection, it comes with a maxi brush that makes application easier and faster. The coverage is great. What you see in the pictures is the result I got after applying a single layer of nail polish.

In Romania it can be bought online  here for 7 lei (USD $2.16).

xoxo, Cristina


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