Monday 21 July 2014

Golden Rose Galaxy 12

Hello girls! (everytime I say this I think about Crowley from Supernatural; if you watch it, you probably know what I'm talking about haha)

So, today's superstar is a pretty blue textured nail polish from Golden Rose: Galaxy 12. Ever since they launched the Galaxy collection, this was the first one I wanted to get my hands on. I love the shade and I also like that it has glitter particles. Not to many (in my opinion), just enough to give it a little bit of a special effect. I applied two coats of nail polish, but now that I look at the pictures, I think I might have needed one more.

If you're from Romania, you can but it here for 13 lei (~ USD $3.96)

Do you like this shade? Do you own any nail polishes from the Galaxy line? Let me know in the commects ☺

xoxo, Cristina

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