Friday 15 May 2015

Galaxy Nail Stickers


I tried something new for this manicure: full nail stickers. I've never used something like this before and I was very excited to try the ones Born Pretty Store sent me to review. 

The first thing I can say about these is that they look very pretty. I did get a lot of compliments for this manicure. They are easy to apply and you get instructions on the back of the package. I had to apply them on a white base (Golden Rose 04) in order to make them look exactly the way they looked in the package because they are a little transparent. They are also very sticky, but I didn't manage to smooth everything out and, as you can see, the edges stick up. I didn't like that and that's why two days later I was peeling them off. I have applied top coat and I believe they would've lasted longer, but the edges really bothered me.

Other than that, the price for this sheet is $3.07 USD and you can buy it here (mine is QJ-02). If you use QNX31 you get 10% off.

xoxo, Cristina

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