Tuesday 26 May 2015

Nail Art Pen


(I thought about finding an excuse for not writing anything lately, but what's the point? I've been lazy. That's it.)

Today I'm going to talk to you about a nail art pen from Born Pretty Store. I've never tried one before so I was very excited when I got mine. 

How do you use this thing? Shake, pump and use. That's exactly what's written on the package. I did that and when I tried it, I wasn't so excited anymore. It's a water-based formula (which they also say is environmentally friendly), but I feel like it might be too liquid... I didn't like this very much. I also wish it was more opaque (I had to apply several layers to make the feathers as white). I believe this depends on how well you shake the pen.

A nice thing about the pen is that it's "mistake-proof". Because of its formula it can be removed or corrected with a moist cotton swab. I suggest you use the pen over dried nail polish.

Conclusion. Do I like it? I won't say I do, but I don't hate it either. I just think this isn't for me. I prefer acrylics and nail polishes with good coverage. The pen is a nice alternative if you're in a rush and you want to do something simple and cute to your nails. I would, however, try another brand only to see if it has a different formula (in which case, I might actually love it).

Price: $4.99
Buy it here: link

Coupon code - 10% off: QNX31

PS. Those are supposed to be feathers. The bigger one looks more like a Christmas tree. I tried. Ha ha.

xoxo, Cristina


  1. Am si eu acest produs, doar in varianta neagra. Am creat o manichiura cu ea si a doua oara cand am incercat-o nu mai functiona :(

  2. Ce pacat! :( Dupa ce ca n-am fost prea incantata de produs, asta mai lipseste, sa nu-l mai pot folosi a doua oara :))


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