Saturday 4 January 2014

Review: GOSH Waterproof Volume Mascara

 (UP: GOSH Waterproof Volume Mascara + Smokey Eye Liner; BOTTOM: only GOSH Waterproof Volume Mascara)

   I told you I will post my review on  the GOSH Waterproof Volume Mascara today so, here it is! I hope you enjoy.
  Just in case you've missed it, you can read my review on the Smokey Eye Liner here. I will post pictures of the nail polish soon. J (UPDATE: review here)

   They say:
"The new Waterproof Volume Mascara keeps eyes looking smudge free all day long. The brush adds dramatic volume, length and definition without clumping or flaking, while the waterproof formula ensures a totally smudge-free look whatever the weather. Easy to take off – and perfect for sports or a dip in the pool."
   The funny thing about this is that I was actually thinking about getting myself a waterproof mascara and I was really happy to see GOSH Cosmetics had sent me one.
   I like this mascara very much. It has a nice brush that separates your lashes very well and it gives some volume. All from a maximum of two coats of mascara. 
   It does stay on all day long without smudging. I wouldn’t say it gives dramatic volume, althought it makes your lashes look very pretty. 

   Also, it definitely doesn’t come off easily. I love this mascara until the moment I want to take it off, but I believe that is because of the waterproof formula; it’s a small price to pay for everythis I like about it.
   It costs £7.49 and you can buy it here.
xoxo, Cristina

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