Saturday 21 December 2013

Getting Ready For Christmas #8: The Christmas Red

   Hello ladies!
   Christmas is quickly approaching and there are only 3 manicures left for the Getting Ready For Christmas challenge. Today's theme is The Christmas Red
   I used Flormar Supershine U14, which is a glittery red nail polish I bought last year, sometime around Christmas. This is my perfect red shade for this holiday. I know that you can't see much glitter in those pictures. My camera could not catch all the details, but I really like it and I hope you will too. :)

(There are a few pictures form an older swatch of mine because the new ones I took weren't great) 

Visit to get more link to some other great manicure.

xoxo, Cristina


  1. Ce nuanta frumoasa si sclipiri :)

  2. Frumoase unghiutele tale, iar nuanta ojei e superba! :)


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