Sunday 26 April 2015

Born Pretty Nail Wraps


I wanted to try these nail wraps because I thought they are stickers, but they're actually water decals. Anyway, I really like them. Maybe it's because I'm starting to get better at applying full nail water decals. Ha ha. They are very easy to apply and once they're dry and shaped to fit your nail, you can apply clear top coat to make them last.

You get 5 designs, a black nail file and a stick for only $3.82 USD (full price is $5.46), whick seems like a good deal to me. You can buy them here and if you use the coupon code QNX31 you get 10% off.

UPDATE 26.04: They've lasted only one day on my nails. That's a little sad. I don't know if they're supposed to last longer. I did apply top coat and I hoped they would stay pretty for at least two days, but I guess not. In conclusion, I only recommend them to all the ladies who don't mind doing their nails again the next day.

* I received this product for reviewing purposes, but this is my honest opinion.

xoxo, Cristina

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  1. Nu sunt mare fana a acestor produse, dar din cand in cand imi place si mie sa le incerc.
    Arata interesant modelul!


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