Thursday 17 April 2014

Roses nail water decals

Hello everybody!

Today's manicure is a french manicure because I've realised I havent's had one on my nails for a very long while and I was curious how it would look on almond nails. As much as I loved the french manicure, which I shared with you on Instagram (go follow me ☺), I can't say the same about the result you see in the pictures. Don't get me wrong, the water decals are incredibly beautiful and I'm sure they'd look stunning on a square nail french (which I will definitely try); I'm just not sure if they work with round/ almond nail in general. Except for this, I liked them. They were easy to use.

These were sent to me by KKCenterHK. They can be bought here, they cost $5.75 and more pictures can pe seen if you read the entire post.

(source: KKCenterHK)

Nail polishes I used:

  • Golden Rose Paris 04
  • Miss Sporty Nail Expert Base & Top Coat

xoxo, Cristina


  1. Foarte frumoase ti-au iesit! Sincer, mi se pare ca si potrivesc de minune cu forma unghiilor tale :)


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